Our Children`s charitable project

For kids who finished their chemotherapy

 Hair loss is a common side effect of many chemotherapy medicines. Hair loss may start 2 or 3 or more weeks after your child’s first or second chemotherapy treatment.Hair loss can be very upsetting to a child, depending on age. Oxygeni Hair treatment is based on strengthening the immune system.Now we are trying to help children who had cancer to get Oxygen Therapy when they can`t afford it.

Our Children`s charity project offer free treatment and a free home care set for those children who have tried other treatments before without success.  We would like to offer free oxygen therapy for children the age of 6 or over who are not able to buy the pass for these treatments. It`s important to know that we would like to see applications from parents whose child finished their chemotherapy at least 6 weeks ago. We can`t start the Oxygeni Therapy any sooner and we can`t guarantee 100% and quick result but we definitely try our best to help.

What is included in or Charity project?

💧 free hair and scalp diagnosis with a microcamera

💧 5 free oxygen therapy with one of our Hair Specialits

💧 wellbeing and home hair care plan advice


We would like to record the success of the treatments and publish photos on our social media pages. Please only apply if you are happy to agree to this. 

Who can apply?

💧 children of age 6 or older who finished their chemotherapy at least 6 weeks ago

💧 who has tried other treatments or products without success

💧 whose last hope to have oxygen therapy

💧 who can`t afford to buy the pass for oxygen therapy


How can you apply for our Charity project?

💧 fill our Contact form. Please check Our Salons on the website where you can see the locations.

💧 we will contact you and ask for photos and a short story

💧we might need to put you on a waiting list if we receive a lot of applications

💧 we will ask your consent before the first treatment that we can publish your story and use the photos which will be taked during the treatments so other people can see the results and have a hope through tough times

Please apply by clicking this button and by filling the form! We will contact you soon by email.

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