For hair loss during pregnancy and adolescent hair and scalp problems- with Oxygen Therapy


During pregnancy and adolescence, hormone balance changes significantly, which can have a direct impact on scalp and hair texture. There are many symptoms that can occur during these challenging periods, such as an excessively oily scalp, more intense hair loss during pregnancy or a scalp that is too dry.

These problems can be caused by variable sebum production, inadequate collagen formation, and a loss of nutrients to the scalp. It is important to take care of the health of your scalp and hair, protect it from harmful external influences (UV rays, chemicals, cosmetics with high chemical content, irregular and unhealthy diet) and ensure that it is properly nourished, moisturised, and cleansed. Our oxygen therapy can help!

Treatment of hair and scalp problems of hormonal origin with oxygen therapy against hair loss during pregnancy and for adolescents







Adolescence is one of the most difficult periods in a person’s life – a time of many organic, mental, and physical transformations. All of these are driven by the onset of sex hormone production, which also directly affects skin function. The production of substances that would otherwise be small multiplies, as does, for example, the production of sebum. In adolescence, however, not only does the face develop acne and pimples caused by excessive sebum production, but the quality of the scalp also changes, with increased oiliness.

Our Oxygeni Hair hair treatment effectively remedies adolescent scalp problems by cleansing and moisturising the scalp with high-pressure oxygen and delivering a complex of vitamin and mineral complexes to the deep layers of the scalp after scalp exfoliation. However, it is also an excellent solution for the prevention of the problem by stabilising the skin’s pH, maintaining skin moisture, and normalising sebaceous gland production.



Hair loss during pregnancy is an inconvenience for many pregnant women. During this period, women’s hormonal balance changes, hair can lose nutrients, hair can become dry and brittle, various symptoms of hair loss can occur, and even various forms of scalp irritation can appear.

Oxygen therapy hair treatment boosts hair follicle function by delivering valuable vitamins and minerals deep into the scalp where cellular metabolism takes place, using pure medical oxygen. This revitalises the scalp, relieving the discomfort of hair loss during pregnancy. The treatment is carried out by our hair specialists, who use a micro-camera to diagnose the client before starting the treatment and draw up a personalised treatment plan. The effectiveness and risk-free treatment is 100% guaranteed!



  • improves the functioning of the sebaceous glands, thereby eliminating the symptoms of scalp problems caused by inadequate sebum production, such as dry and itchy scalp, dandruff and dry hair
  • deeply nourishes, replenishing cells from the inside wMariann-Bacsalmasi-Oxygeni-Hair-UK-Londonith valuable active ingredients
  • the scalp regains its moisture content
  • promotes cell regeneration
  • stabilises the skin’s pH
  • gently exfoliates the scalp
  • revitalises weak, thinning hair, instantly moisturises
  • helps to strengthen and thicken hair strands
  • helps to curb baldness and revitalise hair follicles



Home hair care to complement and enhance oxygen therapy treatment.

Proper, professional home hair care is an essential part of oxygen therapy treatments. Our basic products used in oxygen therapy treatments are available for home use, and a home hair care routine will enhance and accelerate the effectiveness of the treatment.

Oxygeni Hair home products build on the active ingredients of the treatment in a systemic way, enhancing and helping to incorporate the active ingredients, vitamins, and minerals. Our at-home products contain the same active ingredients as our treatment, thereby stretching and accelerating the effects of the therapy.

Therefore, only Oxygeni Hair’s hair care products are suitable to complement the treatment.