Hair regrowth after chemotherapy/radiotherapy with Oxygen Therapy

The hair growth stimulating, thickening, and strengthening effects of oxygen therapy are not only particularly beneficial for scalp activity, but also help in the psychological recovery after radiation treatment by speeding up the regeneration time of the hair structure.
With our treatment, you can regain your original pre-treatment hairstyle in five times less time. In all cases, we recommend that you consult your doctor before starting oxygen therapy. There are no risks involved in our treatment. It is 100% reliable, thanks to its organic active ingredients, but it is important that your doctor is informed.

A unique treatment that helps to reactivate the scalp without chemicals and without any risk.


While chemotherapy kills cancer cells, it can have a number of negative effects on our skin. During radiation therapy, our skin – including our scalp – can become dry, inflamed and more exposed to irritation and adverse environmental effects. Not least, one of the most obvious side effects of chemotherapy is hair loss.
Oxygen therapy, thanks to its 100% organic active ingredients, helps to restore the scalp to its original condition in a completely risk-free and irritation-free way by replenishing and revitalising the scalp with precious active ingredients, accelerating its regeneration time and spectacularly speeding up hair growth, thickening and strengthening.

  • Cleanses and moisturises the scalp without irritation, using special organic products
  • Professional massage and moisturising treatment to help the scalp recover and prepare it to absorb nutrients
  • Replenishes the scalp with vitamins and minerals, delivered by pure medical oxygen to the deep scalp, where cellular metabolism takes place


Oxygen therapy stimulates the hair follicles and revitalises the scalp. It treats the harmful effects of radiation therapy on the scalp. It restores the scalp’s proper pH, accelerates collagen production, and activates hair follicles and scalp cells. With oxygen therapy, you can regain lush and strong hair in five times less time.
Oxygen therapy helps cells to live longer and more actively and promotes the dissolution of dead cells. Oxygen significantly increases skin moisture and skin resistance. This improves the condition of the scalp, making it healthy again, strengthening and revitalising the hair follicles.

Home hair care to complement and enhance oxygen therapy treatment.
Proper, professional home hair care is an essential part of oxygen therapy treatments. Our basic products used in oxygen therapy treatments are available for home use, and a home hair care routine will enhance and accelerate the effectiveness of the treatment.
Oxygeni Hair home products build on the active ingredients of the treatment in a systemic way, enhancing and helping to incorporate the active ingredients, vitamins, and minerals. Our at-home products contain the same active ingredients as our treatment, thereby stretching and accelerating the effects of the therapy.

Therefore, only Oxygeni Hair’s hair care products are suitable to complement the treatment.