Against hair loss – Oxygen Therapy


Hair loss is one of the most common hair problems. There are countless types known as normal hair loss and premature hair loss. Hair loss is the result of a natural physiological process, the final stage in the life cycle of the hair. The average lifespan of a hair shaft is 4-5 years, but for many women and men it is only 1-2 years. Abnormal hair loss is defined as a loss of hair at a rate that is much higher than normal and occurs every day.


Hair loss can be a symptom as well as a cause, so we need to look more closely at the psychological, physical and organic conditions that can cause hair loss. Our Oxygeni hair specialist will always perform a scalp diagnosis prior to oxygen therapy treatment, after which they can provide more detailed information about the possible causes of the problem. Hair loss can have a number of causes. It is important to try to look at all the possible factors that may have led to intense hair loss and make the changes that are important for hair loss treatment. It is common for hair loss to be caused by scalp problems that can be easily treated with oxygen therapy.

Hair loss can be slowed down, stopped, and with the right therapy, new hair growth can be stimulated. There is a solution to hair loss!



Types of hair loss


* The most common is male pattern hair loss, or androgenetic alopecia. The hair becomes thin on the temples, forehead and the top of the head, thinning and shortening with each hair change, and eventually becoming quite weak, almost colourless and stringy. In men this process starts from the age of 18, while in women it starts later, after the age of 30

* In the case of diffuse hair loss, the area of hair loss cannot be defined.

* Patchy hair loss affects an increasing number of people, both men and women, with bald patches forming in one or more patches.

For which types of hair loss is oxygen therapy recommended?

Oxygen therapy treatment is recommended for all types of hair loss and is highly effective.





Oxygen therapy acts by strengthening the immune system to combat all types of hair loss. During the treatment, we cleanse the scalp of impurities and strengthen the hair follicles by providing adequate oxygen, vitamins and minerals

revitalises damaged and weak hair, instantly moisturises

helps strengthen and thicken hair fibres

helps to curb hair loss and revitalise hair follicles

regenerates damaged, bleached hair

deeply nourishes, replenishing cells from the inside with valuable active ingredients

restores moisture to the scalp

promotes cell regeneration

stabilises skin pH

gently exfoliates the scalp of impurities




Home hair care to complement and enhance oxygen therapy treatment.

Proper, professional home hair care is an essential part of oxygen therapy treatments. Our basic products used in oxygen therapy treatments are available for home use, and a home hair care routine will enhance and accelerate the effectiveness of the treatment.

Oxygeni Hair home products build on the active ingredients of the treatment in a systemic way, enhancing and helping to incorporate the active ingredients, vitamins, and minerals. Our at-home products contain the same active ingredients as our treatment, thereby stretching and accelerating the effects of the therapy.

Therefore, only Oxygeni Hair’s hair care products are suitable to complement the treatment.