Combat Baldness with Oxygen Therapy

Male pattern baldness is very common nowadays and often occurs from a very young age. Many men start to notice the first signs of baldness in their early twenties and are helpless and hopeless. Celebrities, actors, and famous people also face the same problem, and they have little hope of treating it.
Oxygen therapy, however, can revive hair follicles that have been inactive for years in the most natural way possible, and can even prevent or delay baldness.
With oxygen therapy, hair growth can be restarted even in areas that have been bald for years!


The hairs are constantly changing, new hairs appear on the scalp and old hairs fall out. In men, however, hair loss, which leads to baldness, is accompanied by a rapid decline in the formation of new hairs. The first signs of baldness are most often seen in patches, on the top of the head or above the forehead, where the hairline is drawn upwards and upwards. Causes are usually explained by genetic inheritance or by a continuous, untreated, stressful lifestyle.

However, in many cases, vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the scalp are behind the problem. In many cases, androgenetic alopecia has a simple cause; the blood, oxygen, vitamin, and mineral supply to the hair follicles is inadequate. Importantly, by providing the hair follicles with adequate nutrients in time, baldness can be avoided or delayed!



During oxygen therapy, we can also reactivate hair follicles that have been inactive for 4-5 years, so hair can grow back in these areas. In the case of hair loss and male pattern baldness, an improvement is guaranteed in all cases, but the rate and speed of improvement vary due to individual factors. The strengthening of hair follicles and hair fibres is noticeable after the first session.

  • Revitalises weak, thinning hair, instantly moisturises
  • Helps to strengthen and thicken hair strands
  • Helps to curb baldness and revitalise hair follicles
  • Nourishes the hair cells from the inside with valuable active ingredients
  • Restores moisture to the scalp promotes cell regeneration.
  • Stabilises the pH of the skin


Home hair care to complement and enhance oxygen therapy treatment.

Proper, professional home hair care is an essential part of oxygen therapy treatments. Our basic products used in oxygen therapy treatments are available for home use, and a home hair care routine will enhance and accelerate the effectiveness of the treatment.

Oxygeni Hair home products build on the active ingredients of the treatment in a systemic way, enhancing and helping to incorporate the active ingredients, vitamins, and minerals. Our at-home products contain the same active ingredients as our treatment, thereby stretching and accelerating the effects of the therapy.

Therefore, only Oxygeni Hair’s hair care products are suitable to complement the treatment.