Scalp stimulation before and after hair transplantation – with Oxygen Therapy


Hair transplantation is a serious and very expensive medical procedure, which most often affects men who are balding or already a high percentage of bald men. We often see cases of unsuccessful hair transplantation, and sometimes the transplanted hair follicles do not activate even after multiple transplantations.

What could be the reason for this?

Our scalp is the medium for our hair follicles, which depend on a healthy supply of vitamins, oxygen, and minerals to function properly. Our oxygen therapy treatment, which normalises the skin’s pH, replenishes the scalp with the valuable nutrients it needs, preparing the “soil” for the successful uptake of new hair follicles. Oxygen improves blood circulation, promoting collagen formation which is essential for a healthy active scalp.

Our hair care treatment focuses on boosting the scalp’s nutrient supply. After exfoliating and cleansing the scalp of impurities, we use high-pressure medical oxygen to deliver a complex of 59 active ingredients of vitamins and minerals to the deepest layers of the scalp, allowing it to breathe, revitalise and regain its activity.

Oxygen therapy treatment before and after hair transplantation to stimulate hair follicles


Hair transplantation is recommended in cases of intense baldness that is already widespread over most of the scalp. The treatment involves major medical intervention and can be time-consuming to achieve the desired result. Often, if the hair transplantation is unsuccessful, the procedure has to be repeated, which can be costly. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare the scalp, which our oxygen therapy is an excellent solution for.

It cleanses the scalp of impurities and removes dead skin cells during the exfoliation process. With a professional massage and moisturising treatment, it helps to revitalise the scalp and prepares it to absorb nutrients. It replenishes the scalp with vitamins and minerals, delivered by pure medical oxygen to the deep scalp, where cellular metabolism takes place.



  • Instantly moisturises the scalp
  • Improves the functioning of the sebaceous glands
  • Deeply nourishes, replenishing cells from the inside with valuable active ingredients
  • The scalp regains its moisture content
  • Promotes cell regeneration – stabilises the skin’s pH
  • Gently exfoliates the scalp



Home hair care to complement and enhance oxygen therapy treatment.

Proper, professional home hair care is an essential part of oxygen therapy treatments. Our basic products used in oxygen therapy treatments are available for home use, and a home hair care routine will enhance and accelerate the effectiveness of the treatment.

Oxygeni Hair home products build on the active ingredients of the treatment in a systemic way, enhancing and helping to incorporate the active ingredients, vitamins, and minerals. Our at-home products contain the same active ingredients as our treatment, thereby stretching and accelerating the effects of the therapy.

Therefore, only Oxygeni Hair’s hair care products are suitable to complement the treatment.