Oxygeni Hair trichology and oxygen therapy training

 Become an Oxygeni Hair Specialist and introduce the Oxygen Therapy to your Salon!

We provide a complex theoretical and practical training to professionals which you will need to make a diagnosis and be able to do the oxygen therapy. We provide e-learning and offline learning materials. For the theoretical training you can download our e-book. You will learn about our Oxygeni Hair oxygen treatment, how to use the different products for all kind of scalp issues. For the practical training we have an educational video and this will help you how to do our oxygen treatment and how to use the different tools. We help all the way through during your training. Oxygeni Hair provides an extensive and constant training, providing new resources to professionals.

Our training programme

The programme has 2 modules and ongoing trainings/e-learning materials.

  • I. module – E-learning materials – Introduction to trichology, Oxygeni Hair treatment protocol and Oxygeni Hair products
  • II. module – Educational video about the oxygen therapy and using the tools
  • Wellbeing module– ongoing trainings through e-books

The course is free but is subject to buy the starter kit.

What do we offer?

  • A company with 30 years of professional dermatological experience
  • You can learn about the basics elements of trichology from professionals and the step by step process of the oxygen therapy 
  • Oxygeni Hair provides an extensive and constant training, workshops
  • We will train you how to make a diagnosis, how to do the oxygen therapy and how to choose the right home hair care products 
  • You can introduce the Oxygeni Hair oxygen treatment in your salon right after finishing your training
  • Own manufactured 100% vegan and 100% natural, chemical-free products
  • Biodegradable packaging 
  • Environmentally friendly products for home sale: vegan, biodegradable, cruelty-free 



Introduction to trichology

  • The history of trichology and oxygen therapy
  • Trichology is the future
  • How is a good trichologist and a good trichology?
  • Why are so many people struggling with scalp issues and with hair loss?
  • What kind of hair or scalp problems can be treated with oxygen therapy?
  • The future of hair care and hair care products –  immunotherapy in trichology: skin immunology and stem cell hair recovery
  • Hair and different types of scalp conditions: the reasons, the symptoms and the treatment options
  • Chemical treatments and scalp irritation
  • The importance of using chemical-free, natural products
  • Wellbeing: illness or/and stress related scalp disorders
  • Oxygen therapy: how it works and the products we use. Step by step treatment, the ingredients and their effects in short- and long-term. 
  • Contraindications and possible side effects

Oxygen therapy protocol, products, ingredients, instructions for use

  • Oxygeni Hair treatment protocol and the client protocol
  • How to use the Oxygeni hair products during the treatment
  • Oxygeni Hair ingredients and information about the products
  • Home hair care products and their usage
  • Post-treatment information
  • Marketing – communication – carrier


Wellbeing module, understanding how your skin works

  • Hormone therapy for clients
  • Dermatological basics
  • Wellbeing and diet plans for clients
  • Diagnosing scalp conditions and treatments

Practical Training: Oxygen Therapy treatment, diagnosis, cosultation

  • How to use the microcamera for the diagnosis
  • Step by step consultation – communication with the client
  • How to set up the treatment plan and to advise further tests
  • Home hair care plan and advice
  • How to use the Oxygeni Hair care products during the treatment

Who are we looking for?

  • Hairdressers, cosmeticians, plastic surgeons, trichologists, dermatologists, medical aesthetician professionals with a few years` experience who want to use Oxygeni Hair treatment in their own salons
  • Please apply for our free trichology course if you are willing to introduce our Oxygeni Hair treatment in their salon
  • We are looking for professionals all around in the UK
  • Allcourses are free for Oxygeni Hair Specialits

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