The History of Oxygeni Hair Oxygen Therapy

Thirty years ago, an American skin immunologist professor tried to heal his own burn wounds as fast as possible when he discovered the wonderful oxygen therapy.

This therapy was used for more than 25 years in cosmetology, in many places across the globe, with fantastic results. Seeing the great results, a Hungarian trichologist noticed the results and perfected the treatment in trichology in three years! The therapy is unique, as it heals all kinds of hair and scalp problems! How is that possible? The answer is simple; the therapy doesn’t suppress the symptoms, but improves the immune system to heal the underlying issue.

Oxygeni Hair oxygen therapy is the first real immune therapy treatment in dermatology and trichology!

The results are incredible; we used it on more than 5000 scalps in four years, the rate of contraindication was above 0.1%, and the effectivity of the treatment was 97%!

What does this mean? We discovered and perfected a trichology treatment that almost guarantees a 100% success rate, while the rate of contraindication is near 0%!

The creator is Mariann Bácsalmási, who’s also the senior trichologist instructor and the sales manager.

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About Our Founding Trichologist

„I’m Mariann Bácsalmási and I’ve worked as a lifestyle counselor, dietician and cardio trainer for more than 10 years. I’ve encountered many patients suffering from lifestyle diseases who also experienced issues with their hair. The only way I could help them back then was with a change in lifestyle, a better diet and workout plan, but now I help them with a complex therapy and products.

I’ve learned to live and respect the profession of hairdressers from Imre Szabó master hairdresser, and also grown to admire the way he treats his clients. I’ve managed to learn the basics of trichology in his salons, which I’ve expanded with international trichology materials since then, and also teach these to our soon-to-be trichologists.

I’ve always preferred natural cosmetics or biocosmetics, so it was an important factor when I created my own brand. Oxygeni Hair hair care products contain natural ingredients only, are animal cruelty-free, don’t pollute and their packages can be recycled – they’re made from biologically degradable plastic and glass.”


Mariann Bácsalmási

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What are Slow Cosmetics?

  1. the highest quality, 100% natural and vegan chemical-free products
  2. slow production, where fossil energy usage is minimized
  3. animal cruelty-free product development and allergy testing
  4. biodegradable packaging that doesn’t pollute the environment
  5. specific products developed according to the needs of our clients in compliance with the Clean & Fresh cosmetics principles
  6. sustainable, customer oriented brand which is focused on long-term sustainable quality and value instead of fast profit

The Future is Trichology

According to a hypothesis, there will be no hairdressers in twenty years, only trichologist salons where they will also provide hairdresser services. As per my professional experience, I fully believe this. I would make trichology basics mandatory for all hairdressers. Why? Because every fourth person is struggling with a trichology related problem, they just don’t know about it!

How is this possible? It’s simple! How many times have you heard ‘I was my hair almost every day because it’s so oily’? Your hair is oily? Is that normal? ‘Of course, my hair is like that!’ No, there’s no such thing!

There’s no oily, balding or dandruff type! These are trichology related problems that aren’t treated properly! 

Even though our brand is young, there’s more than 30 years of skin immunology research behind it! We guarantee the reliability and effectivity of our treatments and products!